Our Domain

Pierre and Bertrand Couly, family winegrowers!


The domain

Today we operate 23 hectares of vines in the Chinon appellation where we cultivate the Cabernet franc grape variety for the red and rosé Chinon and the Chenin grape variety for the white Chinon. Coming from a long line of winegrowers dating back to the 15th century through the maternal branch of Bertrand (Farou), we have kept our roots in the heart of the village of Saint-Louans, while building a modern cellar at the entrance to the town. The family history continues with the arrival at the estate of Vincent, son of Michèle and Bertrand.

Our idea of wine is built through the terroirs and localities of the Chinon appellation, Le Parc, La Haute-Olive, Peru, Blancs Closeaux and many others. We are committed to highlighting the diversity of the terroirs present on the farm through plot vinification.

From the vineyard to the cellar, our work takes the greatest care to preserve the soil and respect biodiversity.


Our cellar

In 2010, we built our new wine cellar, which is modern, practical and innovative. This building is partly buried and covered by vines, which allows it to maintain a constant temperature throughout the year. This innovation considerably reduces energy needs and responds to our project linked to sustainable development. The varieties of grapes presented on the roof are table grapes, resistant and very aromatic which allow us to obtain a juice that we offer in a bubble-free or sparkling version. This contemporary cellar also aims to simplify work in the cellar and limit the use of pumps for the grapes, thus preserving the quality of the harvest and ultimately the quality of the wines.